Working Person Brent Alabama Review


I was given this site to order hubs some work clothes, Carhart jeans and t-shirts. I ordered, and paid for (in full), 5 of each back on November 30, 2006. nTo date, all I have received are 4 t-shirts and no excuses why everything else is on backorder, just that remaining items are on backorder. nI have contacted them once a week for the past three weeks and only get an email as to items being on backorder, no reason why that backorder is made. This is supposed to be a “satisfaction guaranteed”” company

and I am far from satisfied. nI had a requested a refund of remaining monies so that I might go elsewhere to get the items I need

but all I got was the backorder email. nI do not plan to use this company again and do not recommend anyone else do so either. nLindanBrent


305 S. Michigan Street Lakeville, Indiana U.S.A.

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