William Waggoner State College Pennsylvania


Complaint: Please take my advice, I have never meet a more dishonest, desporate and flat out liar than WILLIAM WAGGONER trading as Austin Michael Media. NEVER let yourself get ripped off by this scam artist. If your looking for his ability to get you Internet traffic through his “Ten’s of Millions of E-mails”” he owns

Tags: Computer Marketing Companies

Address: you will learn of his only ability

Website: take my advice and run from this leach and scumbag”

Phone: to endlessly attempt you to first transfer funds to his account through Wire Transfer but never a credit card because he knows your credit card merchant account can reverse his fraudulent transaction with-in minutes. This Scum of the earth even will hound you to go to your local Walmart and transfer money to his Walmant. He’ll call you every hour telling you he’s ready to push the button to start driving traffic to your site but he “”just needs the initial payment now””. This idiot doesn’t even remember what he previously said the last time he spoke with me. After I paid him the deposit his brainless mind goes into full tilt LIAR mode telling you every story about why your not getting the product you paid for. He actually said Verizon towers were down all over Las Vegas

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