Wholesale Gate Opener McKinney Texas Review


Purchased $ 399 USD opener bundle from Wholesale Gate Openers on eBay and paid a little extra because the eBay description clearly indicated that the openers came with a two year warranty. First opener broke eight months after purchase. Notified company and they asked me to open up the unit to see what was broken. I did so and discovered three cheaply made plastic parts that had corroded and split. The customer service department stated that they could send me replacement parts in lieu of sending out a new unit. I was glad to help out (even though I’m not mechanically inclined) and fixed the unit on my own with the replacement parts that were sent to me. Then after 15 months from my original purchase the other unit had the same issues. I opened up the unit thinking that we could go through the same process with this unit versus asking for an entirely new unit under my two year warranty. I sent a letter to the warranty e-mail at Wholesale Gate Opener asking for warranty service and was informed that the unit that I had only came with a one year warranty. It was stated that units purchased directly from the company website (not through eBay) carry a two year warranty – – with e-bay purchases only having a one year warranty. I was informed by email that I was out of my warranty period and was sent a rather abrupt message that they could not help me. I then went to eBay and captured a screen-shot from the new eBay user name that Wholesale Gate Opener is now using that clearly shows that the openers come with a two year warranty. I then replied to the e-mail from the customer service person at Wholesale Gate Opener with the screen shot from ebay showing that they clearly advertise a two year warranty for all eBay sales. I was again refused my warranty parts and was basically informed that nothing could be done. I called the company phone and was put on hold by a woman with a Russian sounding accent. About 15 minutes later my held call was answered by this same woman and I was told that my replacement parts would be sent to me and the call was closed without this person even getting my contact information. My confidence that I’ll ever see these parts is at an all time low and I shouldn’t have to go through this much hassle to get the warranty coverage that I paid for. I would choose another eBay seller as this one does not honor their warranty. I was doing them a favor by not asking for a replacement unit and was willing to be a mechanic to save the company the expense of sending out a new warranty replacement unit based on the warranty that I had received when I originally purchased from this company. Very frustrating. Buy your Lockmaster products from another vendor or you’ll be sorry!

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