Whirlpool West Bloomfield Michigan Review


Whirlpool offered a rebate promotion with local appliance dealers of $100 for buying a qualifying Whirlpool Cabrio wash machine through the local retailers for purchases taking place during the Month of May 2010. 17 days following the date of purchase of both a Whirlpool qualifying Cabrio washing machine and Whirlpool dryer (about $1,500), I received a letter from Whirlpool requesting that I call-in a serial number for the washing machine, and immediately called and provided serial numbers for both machines the day I received the letter. My fiance helped as she related the numbers to the CSR while I was in the laundry room yelling out the numbers. Following communication of the numbers, we were thanked for calling so promptly and advised that we would receive the check in 6-8 weeks. Ten weeks went by and no check was received. I called Whirlpool to find out when the rebate check would be sent, and to by absolute shock and surprise, I was told that since I had never called to provide the serial number, and the number had to be provided before August 16, 2010 under the terms of the rebate offer, I was “SOL””. I requested that the CSR please double check the Whirlpool database and was abruptly told that the CSR was not going to re-check the database and there was nothing further to discuss; I politely advised the CSR that I had

and would gladly provide copies of my phone records reflecting the calls to the Whirlpool rebate number the day of receipt of the correspondence requesting that I call and provide the number

but I was again rudely told that I had not called the numbers in at all (let alone timely)

and was again advised that I was out of luck. I asked if I could speak with a supervisor

but my request was refused. Unbelievably

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