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So i got a phone call from a man who wanted to talk to me about a job, he took mine and my husbands resumes off the net. He wouldn’t answer any of my questions about the company or about the job or anything just told me it would be an opportunity. we went to the ocultic meeting where everyone was dressed well and had fake smiles just like the fake money they BRAGGED about. I had no idea what was going on but my husband did so he went after and talked with two of the marketing directors. When he was there they gave him the shpeel about how you could make so much money and how advancement was so prominent in this business. Ohh yeah the one guy was an “”ex-engineer”” a famous trade I hear for these type of liers. They wanted me to pay $125 for a background check, I mean what multi billion dollar company has to get there prospective employees to pay for a back ground check, and can’t you get those from the police for free. Then it was $275 for LLPQ or something like that which they never did tell me the meaning of it could have been “”little loser pays quick”” for all I know. then it was $10 bucks for the training guide which the marketing director said was probably going to go up in price before I had a chance to buy it. They did everything perfectly, too perfectly. it was with no doubt a cult where everyone beleives that they are making $250,000 and nobody can wipe the smile off their faces long enough to find out different. WFG is a joke don’t deal with them and don’t become an ocult practiser yourself it won’t get you anywhere, except greedy and without money which when combined don’t make happy. Happy is with my wife which I am thankful to say we recognized this scam and still have some of our money left. (another scam is flowers on valentines day, that’s where the other money is going) S calgary, Alberta Andorra Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on WMA Securities .

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