Westgate – Branson Woods Resort Carbondale Kansas Review


Our family was on vacation we were approached by a lady as we were leaving a restuarant. She said we would receive fifty dollars per couple to listen to this 90 min session. We were really getting ready to go home, but we went to the session. We were told if we bought this preconstruction it would be a great deal, but we could not use it until after April and that was okay cause we always take our vacation in July. They said no problem, so went bought the timeshare. We were told the construction would be done in April and there was also going to be a indoor water park in July none of this is true. We have paid all the maintanence fees and paid on the timeshare and tried to use our week and they stated there were no openings. nWestgate is a scam and they deceive you in everyway. They will let you buy getaways to other places but not the place you purchased for. I beleive something needs to be done to put these people in there place and think a class action lawsuit should be filed. We need to get together and file as one to let these people know they don;t have the right to take peoples money and not give them any compensation. nTinanCarbondale, KansasU.S.A.

2201 Roark Valley Road Branson, Missouri U.S.A.



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