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Webtech strategies co. called me to propose a deal where i would own a website to a webmall with all the most popular stores in it ( macy’s,target,walmart,kmart,etc.) and they would do an advertising campaign with a guaranteed 255,000 visitors to my site for a period of 6 mos.and I would keep all commissions on every sale generated.So I contracted them for $3295.to do it After the six mos. period i called to see how many sales i had gotten and was told that inventory had not been done on my account yet. after many calls back i finally got an answer that no-one came to my site to buy! They did say something must have went wrong and that they would run another campaign for another 255,000 visitors but this one would be more agressive. Needless to say the next campaign resulted in no sales either but that they woud put their best ad guy on the next one and run it again.So over a period of two yrs i did not receive one dollar in sales.When the last campaign was over, i called to find their phone was disconnected.so i went to google and found they had shut the doors and moved down the street and opened up under a new name called “America’s Web Mall””. I would appreciate getting my $3295. back but if not to shut down this new operation called America’s Web Mall so no one else gets bilked.”

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