WE Company Review


I applied for the position online as the Assistant Manager was contacted by email from a woman named Linda Moss, who worked for the company as a manager. I was asked to fill out forms like a real job would, employment agreement, direct deposit etc. The training was for 3-4 wks. and at end of training I would receive $3,300 with the possibility of being offered the new managers role at the new office they were opening with a salary of $5,000 a month. She asked me to give her the limit on how much I could withdraw and receive from my bank, then she told me I that one of my trainings would be to withdraw the money that they would send me and I would have to go to Western Union or MoneyGram to transfer it to other employees in other areas. I never did that so she had me looking for office space in the surrounding areas of where I live then today she emailed me through their web site asking me to open up another account with BofA or Wells Fargo so that they could transfer money to this account instead of my bank account so that I could transfer money through there. I called the real company and they had no clue of who she was and the guy didn’t know the web site I had given him. My bank and Wells Fargo told me that it all seemed like a scam. This woman contacted me through phone calls which she never did answer most of my questions that I sent her through emails, she seemed very vague about things and as if she didn’t understand what I was saying. Not sure what language she spoke but she doesn’t sound like she looks in her picture. Be careful it could be a money laundering scam.

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