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Complaint: Recieved Notice of judgement that Imy home was being given to mortgage co made contact with Volks &Anwalt via Google for assistance to stop legal process assure me not to worry after speaking with intake that not to worry after paying retainer about any further actions from court that they would contact lenders and stop any futher actions sent packet with docunments third party releases and contract that they were representing me later sent forms for modification and loan assumtion completed all forms signed all documents returned then only to 2months later recieve notice of Sherrif sale made contact witb lender and dicovered Volks &Anwalt never made contact with lenders or their legal representation ater paying a total of 2500.00 dallar stop communitcation had to place stop payment on future payments to them after telling me that all payments except initial down payment would be returned if they could not save property or if I needed to file banckruptcy the money would go toward it

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Address: 100 Park East New York, New York USA


Phone: 888-308 -0793

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