Vina Shih Tzu Review


I located the company Vina Shih Tzu on the internet. I was looking for a Shih Tzu. I recently lost my dog. I found a darling puppy on this website. There were several puppies in the litter that were available. Under the picture of each puppy I clicked on E mail us now. I received several E mails from the owner. He never gave me a name physical address or phone number. He sent me a long testimonial with all these darling pictures. Would not want our puppy to be used fro breeding purposes. We are willing to begin with shipping process. Asked me for the closest airport to me. He E mailed they were located in Cleveland OH. I said I was willing to drive to Cleveland OH from Nashville TN to see the puppy. . He told me it is too stressful for a dog to make the long drive. Better to fly. He wanted money upfront to get the puppy. Accepted payments of 3Zelle or CashApp or wire transfer. They initially wanted $600 and $150 to fly the puppy. It did not feel right to me. Did not want me to come and wanted money up front. I sent no money. They would ship anywhere in US or Canada. He was from the Netherlands but lived in Cleveland OH.

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