Very rude and unprofessional!


My parents visited us recently, and during their stay, an incident happened which we can never forget in our lifetime. One day morning as my father was having his breakfast, he suddenly lost a fragment of his tooth, because it was the long decayed back.

When I asked him he told me that since they were in a rush, he could not meet the dentist and take proper treatment. Since it is troubling him so much, I took them to this dentist Zimmerman Family Dentist. After examination, they suggested us a replacement of the tooth, which was done then.

The pain was so severe that my father could not even sit, sleep, eat, or do anything. We asked for a painkiller, which the dental office rejected stating that my father has high BP and sugar and so they could not take any risk of giving the painkiller.

Later we again consulted them telling to provide them with at least minimal dosage so that we could relax well which they rejected. After so many visits, they finally gave my father a tablet. We were sorry for the experience my father had to face at our place. He had to face so much pain without even a tablet.

I did not mean to trouble them but seeing the pain of my father; I visited them a lot of times for which they were very rude to me. I think it is minimal responsibility of a dentist to give a painkiller for his patient after a procedure is being done. We even paid the entire amount they said without hesitation because we wanted to give my father the best.

It is good to be cautious, but I think they were overcautious by not even giving us pain killer and very rude in their behavior.

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