Vacation Smart International Review


Signed up for a vacation membership which they claimed would save tons of money on travel for $3100 and when they were presenting the package they said there was also a $199 a year maintenance fee but said if you don’t use the package for awhile don’t worry about paying the fee but before you use it you have to be paid up. So when I wanted to price a trip I find out they removed my access to their web site. I called them and they just hung up on me and blamed another company that sold the package. When I first started looking at prices when I purchased the package they were no cheaper then just going to any travel site and getting quotes. Actually Travelocity was cheaper in some cases. This company is a total rip off and if anything good comes out of this it would be that I kept someone else from being burnt by professional liars. I’m done with these crooks and will write this off as a learning lesson. Please don’t make the same mistake I did doing business with them.

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