Vacation Choices LLC Corvallis Oregon Review


On 12/3/11 my husband and I were given a presentation by Vacation Choices in Eugene, OR Vacation Choices is supposed to be similar to a timeshare, I think? They offer low discounted accommodations to members who join their program. Sounding like a good deal we negotiated a deal of 2849.00 total to join. The first time I used them was for a motel room in Portland, OR. In January of 2012. I booked a park and ride room at the Ramada. I thought wow what a great deal!!! This is cheaper than online. When I checked in, I asked for the tag for my car since it was going to be parked there for a few days. The clerk informed me it would be another 28.00 to leave it parked and that I had not in fact booked a park and ride room. That being said it ended up being more expensive to Do it that way than if I would have gone directly through the hotel itself. I blew that off thought it was just a fluke. In March of 2012 I tried to book a place to stay in Arizona again finding even with assistance from them, I was able to find accommodations less expensive. Again I thought, well maybe just bad timing. In May of 2012 I tried again to get assistance in trying a place to accommodate myself and some girlfriends for Anaheim for Jan 13. This is where I started keeping track of what kind of assistance I was getting. I was having no problem getting to talk to someone and all very nice people. I just got to the point I wanted my money back and that is when no one could help me. 5/4/12 Spoke with representative from Vacation Choices, she told me they were unable to find anything that fit what I needed. 5/4/12 Second try, Spoke with Kay, she was going to try to find something and I was to call her back in a few days. 5/7/12 I called Kay back at 12:25 PM PDT. I was asked to call back tomorrow, she did offer to call me but this time I said I would call her. Kay was very nice and shared with me her direct extension x-23265 and made it clear that I had unlimited condo points/dollars. She suggested I call the condo dept. 5/7/12 I tried calling the Vacation Choices complaint line at 360-918-0662 as well as a third party complaint line at 1-888-374-7128. I received no resolution. 5/7/12 I called and spoke with Sharon at 1:14 PM PDT at X-23236, again NO RESOLUTION. 5/7/12 I spoke with Lindsey at 1:24 PM PDT and voiced my concern she put me through to a so called manager I was on hold for five minutes and then I spoke with Jordan who then transferred me to the complaint dept at #360-918-0662. I got a recording, I hung up and called the 888-374-7128 which a recording came on and I waited on hold for 26 minutes before I hung up. 5/7/12 1:43 PM PDT. I went to the Vacation Choices website and sent a complaint via their online complaint system. 5/7/12 2:10 PM PDT I spoke with Vipaul again with no resolution. I specifically asked to be contacted at my cell phone # and or a specific email. Some very nice people tried to respond to my concerns but at the wrong phone number and I never got the messages till many days later. Not knowing I had messages on the wrong phone that they called. I tried calling again. 5/8/12 8:10 AM PDT. I spoke with Tommy (female) She took my number and yes, transferred me to customer service. Same story after voicing my concern and wanting my money back I was getting nowhere. 5/8/12 8:30 AM PDT I spoke with Nikki S, she said she would get with her manager. She told me Nikki R. would call me back. 5/9 11:00 AM PDT I called 360-918 0662. Again no one can seem to get me put through to someone higher than them like a manger or an owner. 5/9/12 11:15 AM PDT. I spoke with Shawna at 360-489-3988. Still, unable to assist me in getting me my money back. She was trying very diligently to still find me accommodations for January of 2013 though. Everyone that I spoke with was very professional and very helpful. That is not the issue. Several people called my home phone leaving messages to try to see if they could assist me in finding accommodations for January 2013. At this point I am no longer interested in that because everything they come up with is more expensive than what I have been able to find. So they are really of no help or value to me. I gave up trying and just thought cut my losses 8/22/12 I received a phone call about another vacation package offer from another company. I declined and shared my displeasure about my current situation and was told I had three years to dispute this charge if I was not getting the products and or services I was promised. After exhausting everything I could so I thought, I have sent yet another complaint to the complaint dept at Vacation Choices on 8/23 and now I am resorting to this. I would appreciate any assistance you are able to give to me and would be very grateful if I get could get a charge back to my card. For the record All conversations with Vacation are recorded.

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