US Realty and Property Management are the worst company to do business with. They ripped me off by charging me fees for a bunch of pre-existing problems with a condo. I moved into the unit and had problems every week. The property wasn’t properly inspected by management before my move in, but what would I expect from a lazy property manager that sits behind his desk slurping out of his Burger King cup. nUS Realty and Property Management is money hungry looking for anything that they can charge you for. My real trouble started when I moved out and I was nickel and dimed for every single thing. I was charged for things that I did not damage and were pre-existing. I tried communicating with this company and the property manager is incredibly arrogant and rude. He will challenge you with every little nook and cranny about the property. He has to be right and you will always be wrong no matter what. To make a long story short they charged me for a couple damaged items, one of which was listed in my property inspection sheet before move in. Of course I challenged it, but I still have to pay because he found loop holes around it by charging me for something else. The amount is minimal and it’s not going to make or break any one of us, but it’s just the principle and ethics. nI was an excellent tenant who paid early every month and kept the place clean and safe. I gave the proper notices and cooperated to the full extent and it doesn’t matter. Youre looked at like a steak in front of a hungry lion when you move out, because it’s their payday $$. nGood luck trying to contact them, I’ve asked to speak to the owner of the company numerous times and she hides behind her obnoxious crony (Property Manager) who is also notorious for not answering emails. They screen the phone calls for each other like their wanted by the FBI or something. Maybe if I wave some burger king coupons in front of his face he’ll answer that email and service my work order. nIn the state of Nevada you have 30 days to return a tenants security deposit. Most reputable management companies will have it sent out much sooner than that. Typically two weeks for a company that is professional and honest. US Realty and Property Management sent my refund with only two days left from the 30 day legal limit. That tells me that they are either incredibly deceitful or lazy. nThere business cards say US Realty and Property Management but the sign outside the office says U.S. Loan Servicing? How money hungry can you possibly get? You should add cleaning toilets to your list because your service and Professionalism is crap. nUS Realty and Property Management in Las Vegas are horrible. Stay away, I swear you will regret it. Not worth the stress and hassle. Go somewhere else if you want friendliness and respect. You will spend more money with US Realty and Property Management. They really nit-pick you with all those fees and they fight you with legal jargon to keep the charges. BIG RIP-OFF!

9670 W.Tropicana Ave., Ste. 100 Las Vegas, Nevada United States of America

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