US Grant Department Mount Union Pennsylvania


Complaint: I received a phone call from a man with a heavy indian accent claiming that I had been awarded a grant because of my outstanding credit. He proceeded to verify my name. I stopped him at that, I told him I wanted to go online and see his company website, he gave me 3 website addresses before he gave me He told me he was in the grant department of the us government. I did not give him any further information because he could not give me a phone number, a correct website and it took him over 3 minutes to give me the address in Washington. The number he called me from was 530-559-1657 and when I tried calling it back it tells me the cell phone I have called has been disconnected or changed. Can the real Federal Government PLEASE do something about these people. I know you have the means. I hung up and looked up stuff and found this site. This is my report. Don’t give these guys ANY INFORMATION!!! THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM. AND THEY ARE IMPERSONATING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GRANTS DIVISION!!!

Tags: Federal Government

Address: Washington DC, District of Columbia United States of America


Phone: 530-559-1657

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