U.S. Security Associates Complaint


Bad experience with U.S. Security Associates recruiter Leon Campbell out of Houston Tx I was contracted to work for Dairy farmers of America in schulenburg tx and unperfesonal recruiter along with unperfesonal site supervisor Ashley white Digging up employers personal life & slandering it to other employees… brought it to the recruiters attention and all was said was your not working for them and [censored] them. Retaliation to continued to get worse like locking me out of shipping twice & slandering Picking on me. I had to stand up for my self and then after I did the site supervisor became very angry and getto. The employees then started retailaiting with every move I did at work. Trying to make me feel bad & to make me quite I was so uncomfortable and scared i was forced to quite bc I was uncomfortable at every thing did. I was very scared to say anything to my recruiter he always seemed to get upset & angry and un bothered I just knew nothing was gonna ever get resolved. I then made one mistake with a pu# and was screamed at by my recruiter saying what are you trying to hide and you didnt write it in the dar report I said I thought it was resolved with the shipping and which it was then David Shaffer in shipping called the front Management at dairy farmers after it already was supposedly resolved to make me get in trouble I told the recruiter what had been going on again and he says why disjt you tell me earlier, the recruiter knew this was going on still but failed to correct problems. I asked him after 2 months whats gonna happen bc I’m uncomfortable to go bk to work he finally agreed for me to write a report after this bully was going on 2months after it was already to late …My recuiter even called me from the bar in Houston saying dont judge me I’m getting a couple drinks tonite I just want you to know the site supervisor is to young and immature I know she should of said any of your personal business Unperfesonal recruiter. Site supervisor was trying to make me lose my job also along with her cousin and his friend in Dairy farmers of America in sburg tx. I was a very loyal dedicated employee and really loved working for us security . But unfortunately it was a Very horrible experience. No integrity, loyalty, respect @ all

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