Treated like a Caged Animal by Catholics @ Ascension Catholic Church (affiliate of Oregon Food Bank)


Dear Sir,

Today, I went into your food bank at Ascension Catholic Church in SE Portland. When I went into the food bank, I
discussed with a female (elderly, white, short hair) working dietary needs for my family, and then she relayed the information to other people. While waiting, however, I was told I could not use the restroom! The woman said ”no public restrooms” when I inquired into where the loo was located. I found this to be inhumane, denying me of my basic natural
rights to use the bathroom (um, where else would I go?) I also informed her I am a customer, not a random person walking into the food bank.

When I asked if I went outside to pee in a bush, if she would call law enforcement, she said nothing either way.
I explained to her that I could be considered to be a ’sex offender’ if I peed in the bush and were caught. She was
unresponsive, silent, and never offered to let me use the loo. Then I screamed at her, ”I am menstruating and need
to change my tampon.”

Well, that woke her up. She then conversed with another female, and somewhere in the process, I was allowed to
use the loo. The first female walked me back to the loo. But, she stood guard (see photo below).

Yes, that is right, I had an escort who literally stood outside the door. I peered through the
crack in the door and she was still there. I explained to her that I could not pee with her
standing there, and that it made me anxious. I screamed this through the bathroom door!
(please see video attached)

Eventually she left. When I encountered her a bit further outside the main entrance to the bathroom,
I offered to show her this photo (see picture below) of my wiped menstruation on a piece of toilet paper.

I thought to myself, ”I wonder if she would think it was unreal, because it wasn’t dark like it usually is.”

The female escort never did accept to seeing the photo. *shrug*

Later, when I walked through the ’cafeteria’ space, I screamed loudly, ”I’m being treated like a criminal” and
”Jesus wouldn’t walk into this church” and ”Jesus would let me use the loo.”

When I entered into the main room to pick up my food, I was told by the second woman ”we weren’t trying to
be mean” and ”we’ve recently had some issues… of… vandalism.”

That’s absolutely NO EXCUSE to treat an innocent person such as myself in such an inhumane manner. The reason
I am writing this to you, is because it’s natural to use the restroom and I felt like I was being treated like a prisoner,
literally having an escort to listen to make sure I was peeing? Give me a break!

What do you have to say about this? If people are being mistreated in this fashion when seeking to use a loo (um, I was
on the bus – nowhere to pee on the bus), how will others be treated when they go inside to get food, and there is
any sort of disagreement?

This is a very serious matter and you all should talk with this place about their ’prisoner treatment’ of innocent people
such as myself. God forbid my grandfather or any other elder were to go in and need to use the restroom – what
would Ascension Catholic Church do?

Thank You,

Brown Bear

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