Transmission Performance Center


Complaint: I took my 1991 Mazda MX-6 to a shop called Transmission Performance Center in Phoenix,AZ. Initially the individual I spoke with claimed he had a kit that he would put in my car that was designed to replace the parts that normally wear out over time and quoted me approximately $375 total cost. When I got to the shop I had to sign a paper stating if there were “hard parts”” that were damaged

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Address: I would be responsible for the cost of those parts as well as labor. Needless to say

Website: I drove it normally for about 8 months and then began to experience a jerking at stop lights. Upon checking the tranny fluid I found it black and glistening with minute metal shavings. I immediately took the car back to the shop and after them keeping it for about 3 weeks

Phone: according to this shop I needed a complete re-build. I gave them the OK and they did the work. They issued a warranty for 12 months and 12

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