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I would like to report Mrs. Tony Short, from San Diego Ca. I had put a deposit for two puppies to pick up a few weeks later everything started getting suspicius when she sold one of my puppies that I had already put the deposit to someone else. First she said they were pure breed pugs and they I found out they were Mix (which I really did not care). but is just the principle of this scammer how she works. Then I ask the money for the deposit to be put towards the puppy that was left and at the begining she agreed. When I went to pick up my puppy she will refuse to give me the puppy or my money back (she a total master scammer telling me deposit were not refunded). Wait a minute she will not give me the Puppy or my money back?! so I took it to court and of course she didi not show up! The Judge rule in my favor and she is order to pay back $250 dollars back to me! I can believe that people like this just take advantage of people taking their money she is a real SCAMMER and I wish for other people no to fall for it.

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