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Complaint: My husband is a 21 year veteran of the United States Air Force and we were recently relocated to Florida. When we found Tommy Batson Homes LLC, we were ecstatic because we were able to use our VA loan (most of their buyers are military). We were also able to choose many finishes including: interior and exterior paints, brick color, flooring, granite…etc. When it came time to close on our home, a lot of the work wasn’t finished. We had no other choice but to move in anyway, because our kids had already started school. In order to get things done the contractors worked faster, however it resulted in careless mistakes. When we did our walk through I noticed several flaws in the floor plan. The refrigerator was placed too close the garage door. The upstairs laundry room was not made to fit a front load washer or dryer (the most popular models being sold). Some of the drywall and paint work was done in a nonprofessional fashion. Sometimes the inside of home smells like sewage is leaking. Things that should have been included on the exterior of the house were intentionally left off. We had to get them to install a missing pillar, missing shutters, and missing gutters. To save him money, he only added one gutter to the front of the house, even though the floor plan displays them in the front and back. As a result our newly sodded backyard has washed away! We’re having to pay someone to install more gutters and to fix the backyard landscaping. To make matters worse, within the first two months of closing we received 4 liens totaling almost $20,000!!!!!! We were also promised a 10 year structural and foundation warranty and a 1 year “bumper-to-bumper”” warranty. We closed on our home in September 2014 and have yet to receive our warranty!! When I recently tried to reach them and ask where our warranty docs were…they ignored me. So

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Address: if something were to happen to our home (which it already has) we have to come out of pocket (which we already are). We’ve just recently paid $1100.00 for our own home warranty. Did I mention that we are a single income family of 7!!! We have one kid in college and another that will be going to college in 2 years. What should have been a blessing has been a major disappointment. Sorry to say…we are not the only homeowners dealing with this. We want to prevent future buyers from going through this nightmare. Hold Tommy Batson Homes LLC accountable!!”


Phone: 520 N. Main St Crestview, Florida USA

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