Timothy C Petreikis E.C. Indiana


Complaint: I have been having problems with Tims tenants for a year. It started with his tenants parking in my driveway, which they have their own driveway. Then parking in front of my driveway, which we had to continually tell them they are not allowed and of course the dirty looks. Then their children constantly playing in front of our home, riding their bikes on our lawn, running out from my driveway which I told them they are not allowed and of course the dirty looks. A couple occasions the kids ran by while I or my daughter exiting our driveway scaring the hell out of us and making us very angry too. My wife confronted the mom and dad while their kids playing on our property and all the mom did was to ask if my wife had a problem with her kids, my wife automatically felt she was being setup at that moment. By June of this year I ended up filing a police report because of a cracked tailight on my 3 month old brand new vehicle and knowing a few days before my wife yelled at the kids about playing in our driveway. but because we didn’t see them do the act they get away with it. After all the stress we’ve gone through we finally got ahold of the owner Tim. At first he acted as if he cared wanting to resolve the issues, then he did a turn around calling us prejudice aka racist, because his tenants are black. My wife was seriously insulted, we couldn’t believe he would stoop this low, then we came to a conclusion he wanted us to stop our complaint. Then he tells us thee unthinkable, Tim told my wife and I that he talked to our neighbors about us being prejudice aka racists against his tenants and that he agrees. We are beside ourselfs. How could this man do this to us and we have been in this neighborhood for about 20 years, way before he even bought the home next to us. How dare him do something so malice and possibly put danger in our lives. When my wife challenged him on his accusations with no proof, that what about the other 4 tenants that was black, he starts to agree that we never complained about them, but that, that is his opinion about us now. Now because my surveillance camara caught one of the tenants kids inside my driveway walking away from my daughters vehicle, Tim wants to pay for the damages the kids created, adding that he is offended I have surveillance on my property. I’m giving you a short version of my story.

Tags: Dishonest, Rotten Neighbors, Smear & Slander

Address: 1546 Joliet Street Dyer, Indiana United States

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