Tiffany Crowe Lilburn, Georgia Georgia


33 yr old nurse and single mother of two girls who was played for the last time. My first boyfriend, my first everything, whom I’ve remained best friends with for almost 20 years, fooled me into thinking he had”changed” when I was still an emotional wreck after suffering the loss of my children’s father less than two years before. I didn’t believe he would change, but I was absolutely wrong-he did. He changed into the BIGGEST LIAR AND MOST PITIFUL EXCUSE OF A MAN I’VE MET YET!! John Savatgy, you messed up big time-but you always do. You threw away a 20 year friendship, a free house to live in, two children that adore you (my youngest even called you Daddy)! You ruined the chance of ever having your daughter live with you THE DAY AFTER SHE MOVED IN! You never paid any bills, bought any groceries, participated in school functions-or at least not for me and my girls. You don’t”like giving oral” (LOOSER!!) and our already shitty sex life faded away quickly. But not as quick as you are in bed-maybe 8 strokes, if I’m lucky! You are almost 36 and can’t hold it for longer than 10 seconds and think I’m ok with that?!?! And again,”you don’t like giving oral”. When we finally had sex (after 2 months) the other day, I only got 4 strokes before you”released”. I guess your whore, Tiffany, got my other 4 strokes. You could have at least UPGRADED. You picked a trailer-park-meth-head who is trying to hook up with EVERY MAN that you two work with!! IDIOT!! LIAR!! SORRY ASS EXCUSE FOR A MAN!! || You disgust me. You will never succeed in life because you don’t work for it, you don’t deserve. I hope you and your whore have a liter of toothless, meth head babies and then she rapes you for child support. You are nasty, both of you. || Leave me alone, now and forever. Do not contact me. Do not beg for my forgiveness. Do not let the words”I’m sorry” roll off your cheating lips towards me. ||”We”will never be anything, especially not friends. Friends don’t do what you did to me, to my girls, to your daughter. Friends don’t do this to a family. You aren’t my friend. You’re not an enemy. I’m not even going to allow you to be a memory. All you will ever be to me is a lesson. I learned this time, you never will. You are worse than the abusive husband you claim your whore has. You abused my heart-the one part of all of us that keeps us surviving. And you know what, you’ll abuse hers too. But that’s ok because someone will be abusing my pussy in ways you never could. || We are DONE. || Now and forever. || Forever and ever. || AMEN!!

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