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Complaint: Here’s my story, I was looking for a good WOK at a low price to replace my broken wok which I had for over 30 years. So I decided to go on web, since I’m pretty busy at work, I didn’t have time on the weekend to feel out cookware. Anyway I saw that this website advertise for hand hammered wok 14inch for about 10 bucks. Okay it looked pretty good the picture on the website, but it was also deceiving in the size. So anyway went ahead an ordered the items, a 14 inch wok, and a cooking spoon that’s similar to a spatula. So I proceeded to click on the estimated shipping calculator and at first I didn’t notice anything wrong but later I would find out it was a little shady. Anyway. I was just ordering those 2 items, then it gave a shipping price of about 8 bucks. I thought it was not too bad, then it did something weird , saying something about my address not being a business site, so they tacked on 3 more bucks totallying to almost 12 dollars, I said WTF. And thought about I don’t have time for this, ill just order it and get it over with. Okay at this point I was not aware of anything yet, so I got the package last week, pulled it out, and noticed that the wok was smaller than advertised on the website. So I contact thru their chat system and asked for an exchange, to my surprise they do exchanges and even better, they told me that I needed to ship back the wok at my own cost and also they would charge me a 30% re-stocking fee. I was thinking WTF! I was thinking you guys out of your minds!?!??! I never heard of a 30% restocking for a return! Anyway I thought about and decided I needed to take action against this fraud, first they shipping calculator was misleading, then the policy with only returns _+ restocking fees is even more ridiculous! And in all this time I just only wanted and exchange of a unused brand new 14 inch to a 16inch. I just don’t get it, they’re excuse was that they’re a small shop and that they don’t make enough money to cover the costs. That’s a load of crap. They make plenty of money, that’s just an excuse to force you give them back their product and lining their cheating wallets with more money. You know they’re a bunch of expensive cold fusion web developers who think that their hot sh*t and decides that people are too stupid to not notice this scam. And they have the audacity to me its my fault I picked the wrong size, and they’re punishing me for making a mistake. So please do not buy from these scammers. And fight for your rights!!! The WEBstaurant Store Address: 2205 Old Philadelphia Pike

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Address: 2205 Old Philadelphia Pike Pennsylvania 17602 Lancaster, Pennsylvania United States of America



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