The Scissorhands Review


Recently I went back to the Scissorhands at Holland drive to use up my remaining package of approx $150-200. I cannot really remember exactly how much is remaining as it has been a few years. So I went in and spoke to the manager, Ben, a stocky well dressed chap reeking of cigarette smoke. After checking, he tells me my remaining package value is only $77. And I am not allowed to use it to buy products or to cut hair. I can only use it for hair treatment. Fine, I say, what hair treatment do u have? He recommends me their signature “Nano” treatment which is very effective and costs $440. It will make your hair soft, bouncy and light as air. Oh my, I say, that is very costly. To that Ben says, it is very expensive yes, but will be cheaper if I sign a package. To which I replied, no more packages for me as I may not use them up so quickly. I would just like to finish using up my current package. He consults with his senior manager and furiously taps on his calculator, and shows it to me : $119. I just need to pay $119 for the Nano hair treatment package. Original price of $440. Wow, what an incredible bargain, right? How long will this Nano effect last me, I ask. Ben replies, approx 3 weeks. Excuse me? 3 weeks? Do u mean to say, that there are people out there who will visit a hair salon, in a HDB Shophouse, do a $400 hair treatment, only to have it last 3 weeks? If it is a posh hair spa, with Banyan Tree-esque facilities, where the equipment n staff are top notch, and the experience extremely relaxing and enjoyable, I can see why some people would pay. But in a HDB Shophouse with not so comfy chairs, dishonest looking staff and spartan interiors? Me thinks everyone should boycott this establishment!!! Needless to say I decided the forgo my package with them. This is the price I pay for being so gullible! Buyers beware!

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