The Laminate Store International volusia county Florida Review


the laminate store international has went out of business!!! i was by their store in altamonte springs , fl. and noticed it was locked up on saturday at 1:00 pm. a note on the door said to call an 800# for info. the message says that due to economic conditions they were forced to close all their stores. i think the fact that they were selling inferior products and the customer service they provided was abyssmal was the main contributing factor to their demise. i see a number of complaints on this website about them and being in the business i have talked to alot of disgruntled customers and even replaced some of their floors. it looks like they screwed over alot of existing customers because there was no going out of business sales and there was a few people in the parking lot while i was there that told me they had paid for service that they had not recived yet. nI always tell my customers that if you do your research(quality brands, better business bureau and checking on websites like this) you would never buy from a place like this. i would like to hear from any customers that have been burned by this company closing so abruptly. nLaminate guynvolusia county, FloridaU.S.A.

Highway 436 Altamonte Springs, Florida U.S.A.

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