The Best Service Company Review


Because my bank hired students just out of college, they were unable to cash a few very important checks of mine. I’ve generally lost probably over 10K in a little under a year. A small calcualtion error, and a stock market crash at the wrong time sent me just under 1,500 in debt. My mistake, but because my bank wouldn’t or didn’t know how to cash my pay checks my account went neglegient. Mind you this was a new bank, and I highly don’t recommend Golden1. | They sent my situtaion to this company, when I hadn’t even spent 1,500.00 Claiming my check was fraudulent. Chris who works here, claimed he’d drop my rate of payment monthly, and bring it to 1,400.00 offering to send paper work to my apartment where I stayed. Months and months go by, and more phone calls and never once did I recieve his paper work. More paychecks that I could never cash, with this bank and a debt that still exists that the previous bank claims can’t be fixed threw them. | Are we being a little childish? Lets hire people with finance majors in these banks so we don’t have to deal with students or new employees that don’t know how to do simple things like check processing. | This company also is listed as F and closed, and probably fake. There website doesn’t even work.


  • Name: The Best Service Company
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Culver
  • Address: 6700 S Centinela Ave. 3rd Floor
  • Phone: (310) 477-0471
  • Website:

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