Tempi LLC Review


I was contacted (617-939-9061) by an HR Manager with the name "Tracy Davis," who found my information on via job board (CareerBulider or another), for a Project Manager position for an Italian company that finances and leases construction equipment, that recently moved to the US. I immediately began to become suspicious as the company website seemed very broad and illogical in their descriptions. After a few emails and a rapid fire 14 minute interview that was rather short and non-descriptive, I was ‘hired’ for the job in which starting pay was 91K plus bonuses up to 24k (red flag there). They sent me a contract (which really was a list of made up agreements) that I signed and sent back. I was aware at this point it was a scam but needed to know where they were going with it. After reading every bit of information on their website, I saw a lot of errors in their representation and little information of what the company as whole really entails. All of the reviews on their website were clearly produced by the same person with companies that were either made up or don’t globally make sense to be doing business with them, given their supposed location in Italy. The contact information, with addresses and phone numbers provided, are false advertisements, including addresses and numbers in Italy, China and the US. Their warehouse is an expo center, the Hong Kong address is a bar or an apartment complex, the Italy HQ is the HQ to another company (Tempigroup.com) and the US address is a luxury building. I was able to trace them all to various companies that have nothing to do with what this one poses as. I also called the Boston address and spoke to the leasing agents who never heard of Tempi LLC or SRL. Interestingly enough, there is an engineering company in Italy at the exact address they provided, named Tempi Group (mentioned above). At first glance, their website and corresponding email responses, initiation contract, along with their ‘stolen’ training information, seems plausible until you do extensive research and cross reference everything. The HR representative and training coordinators phone numbers all prove to be labeled as scam when using the app, ‘Number Finder’ that shows other reports previously made.They definitely put a lot of time and effort into this, to try and make it appear as legible as possible.In addition, the HR Manager also gave me an address in AZ to the new office that would be opening up. Of course, as soon as I saw that address, I went to the location, spoke with the leasing agents, and did my own in-house walk around. However, no one has heard of Tempi LLC or contracted them to sign a lease.Also, the initial HR Manager whom I had been emailing with, sent the "congratulations" email (after my interview) but this time, used a signature block of a Jennifer Zakaria with the company name "SibeStar LLC." A few minutes later I received an email from Jennifer, with her own email detailing more information. When I asked about the signature blocks, no response. The number that Jennifer and Tracy had on their signature block was the same number; which also happened to be the main number on their site to the Boston office. There is no suite number or extensions on the phone numbers.Training would initial begin with someone by the name Oliver Dahlberg, Regional Project Manager (774-565-4599). But when that time came, no one reached out because I believe they knew I was on to them.Again, all names, numbers, addresses, etc. were cross-referenced by myself and others. There is zero information on anything when searching the internet and nothing adds up. I believe that they lure individuals in to training, offer them a full-time job, ask for W-2s and/or SSN’s, then disappear.Beware of any of these company and persons names.

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