Complaint: BEWARE!!!!Mr. Lindamood does not care about YOU! Seeing your case through, even if it involves your CHILD is no concern to him. My child’s well being was/is at stake and he bailed out on me without blinking an eye, while telling the judge it was my lack of communication. In the initial consultation while discussing the case with Mr. Lindamood, he’ll talk a good game and then snakes out on you. I would not trust him with anything pertaining to your case or life! My son has suffered for years by the truth not coming out, and by Steve’s lack of concern for a CHILD. After telling him I did not have more capitol at that time (the third time around and already in $6500.00) he just pulled out of the case at the time of trial (AT COURT)! He’ll go out of his way to F/U if he feels he isn’t getting his.Mr. Lindamood is a low-life scum bag attorney that does not care about YOU or your family situation! He asked for 5K retainer, then $2500.00, then $2500.00 & we weren’t finished, so he didn’t know how much more it would be? He didn’t do crap IN court, nothing whatsoever? He is a SUPER LAWYER at stealing peoples money and lying to your face!! He stated (like a little b**ch) that he has to pay his staff? And note, he will not answer your calls or give you his cell phone number, he’s a lazy b**tard of an attorney?(MSW) money sucking w***e; Mr. Steve Lindamood. Offices in Clear Lake & Allen Center.

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Address: 1221 Lamar Street, Suite 1010 Houston TX 77010 Houston, Texas United States of America


Phone: (713) 654-2112

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