State Farm Insurance Company Review


My mother who is a senior citzen 80 old and I had a flood in our house. We have state farm for insurance they send us out four differnt claim adjuster who could not agree on the damage. State farm had a head claim adjuster the agent dod not come out. I m disabled. We have fixed income. We had to borrow for the decutable. The house was ankle deep high in the home it too over master bath master bedroom hall living la6ndry room state farm never say the damage before they called servpro. Servpro came and did over 6,000 in damages to the h0me. They not not the cost of lost belongs and personal property which was over 10,000 in damges. Thenstatefarm hired ore restorationtofinish the j8b. Theydid a slopy job state Farm did not come out and see the economy rezults. Thehouzeis stillnot done snicelast october. They refused tosettle or gives us newfunture . Wehave doctors involed because oour r health. Tbiz thi g statefarm is there is a joke. They wantus to sue WV them they TV sent us a letter instead of fixing or repla ceing. We are stuck because we cannot go out andrepla e the rhings.we tried to over get legalaid they will not goup aganist state we farm. We tried private attoenies they said we have a case but our income says no. The doctors and the health department said everything in NV the homemust go to do mild and mildew. Weeven have bow mu h fu ture will cost but woth our income and health problem ashely funture will not give us credit or help. So I donot recomend stTe fRm to anyone.we even were told my insurance boards in indiana and ill state to hire a lawyer but we even tried the news statuon for help andhave been ingnored We are not the kind of people that rips people off or beg for anything. But if you have homeowners insurance and they refused to help and solve the mater, and then sayif you higher attorney we pay instead of giving us what we need something wrong with state farm. .

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