SQUARE BANGOR Pennsylvania Review


I decided to do an Internet Marketing program to make money from home. A friend of mine said to get a Square for accepting credit card payments. I downloaded Square on my laptop and phone. They told me that my bank account had been verified successfully, but that I had to fill out some verification information to secure my account. I gave them a copy of my drivers license and also an invoice that they had requested. This was my first sale of $1,000 from a new prospect. Immediately after I did the verification process, they send me another email that said I was rejected because of suspicious activity on my transactions. I only made 1 sale, so I only had one deposit into my Square account. Then they told me that my account has been terminated indefinitely and that it would take 90 days to get my money back unless I want to apply for a refund, which may take 60 days. They also took $35.15 out of my $1,000 credit card payment, so when I went to look at the balance, it went down to $964.85. I called Verizon because I thought they were affiliated with Square, but they said they are not. You cannot get a live person anywhere. You can’t even leave an email with these people. I left the email in their return the product section, explaining my plight and requesting my money back. My prospect tried to cancel the transaction through her credit card company, but they said to file a dispute. I told her she didn’t have to do that and that I would deal with these people. Is it legal for someone to freeze up your money for 60 or 90 days? Is it right when you only had one transaction and they say that they closed your account because of suspicious transactions? This place is not on the up and up and needs to be shut down. Make sure they give me my money back first before you do that. Please investigate these people. They are ripping people off by making them feel that they are not credit worthy enough to do business with them. Who the hell are they? This is total BS. Please, please make sure that they don’t rip off any more people with their scam!

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