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Complaint: I had written to BBB and they sAID THEY DO NOT accept Goverment complaints so I have to complain here before I die, here is my truth: have been falsely accused by social security of not reporting child support and I have not recieved a hearing in a year or so I have ask for appeals and visiteed the office over 20 x now they cut my benefits down to $268 amonth from $472 SSDI, I had worked for the money and now I am looking at foreclosure on my home and LGE has been cut off and water to be disconnected, I am able to understand you disconting the SSI And SSDI,but to accuse me of a false accusation is not at all acceptable,and not giving me a hearing before a juge to defend myself is unjust,all I beg of you is to clear my name of this lie,I have my daughjter and the paper wotk to prfove I reported the income ,Social security has cut my check for consectivly times within this 6 months with out giving me a hearing,and I am being accused of a lie,and I have paid from my pocket and they discontimued the $464,than they they gave $4.90 ,I have all they papers and the worker who started these allegations against me, next month they will discontinue my medical insurence ,which they pay $104 from the SSDI,and I am not allowed to sign up for free insurence until they discontiue the check ,I also can not obtain an attorney until I am discontiued SSDI or Social security give me a hearing date.I will reveal all my records to anyone ,,to see.SSI check my credit report,I have thne credit report WOW please give me a “fair trial””also I called the ssi adminstration for the reason they are requesting the overpayment and the ssi worker said the over payment start in 2012

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Address: and its as i said

Website: 00 repyment for my daughter because I was her over seer

Phone: I have been waitin for a court hearing for 3 yrs and

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