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Purchased groupon for 29.00 for 65.00 worth of lamb from sleepy sheep ranch on april 11th. After 2 weeks called SSR and left message with no response. Called again and finally got David who said they were behind and should receive in couple of weeks. Now it was May -sent them messages on facebook with no response. Kept calling also with nor response. Mid May got through to them and told me it was going out 2 weeks (again). Okay now we are in June and still nothing. Called groupon and they said they had numerous complaints against SSR. According to their facebook site-I wasn’t only one having problems.After complaining quite a few time on facebook, they even removed my message from their site. Now we are going into July- 3 months, later. Kept writing finally was told, sorry trying to get order out to me. Well, the order came July 11th. There were 8 lamb chops oozing blood. They were in this oversized styro foam box with no dry ice. I coudln’t believe my eyes, that they didn’t put anything in there to keep them cold Can’t believe this is 65.00 worth of meat I tried contacting them, but of course no answer. I wouldnt eat these chops, fearing getting sick. What an awful way to run a business.

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