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Complaint: THIS IS HOW THIS SCAM WORKS The scammer creates websites selling cloned scripts. The scammer takes the money upfront from the client and gives 2 weeks delivery time to customize the apps as per the client needs. After that the client keeps on chasing and never gets the completed work. The scammer takes payments on freelance platforms including, and works without a mile stone so clients can not get a refund as per the sites policy. Its a very easy scam and a person sitting in the UK or USA would not chase this due to the distance. THIS IS HOW I WAS SCAMMED FOR $400 AND MANY OTHERS THE SAME WAY 1. Project started on 28th November and the scammer committed to deliver by the 15th Dec and took the payment on 2. I contacted the scammer on the 15th Dec and was told no work has been done and he needs more time till the 23rd Dec. 3. I asked the scammer to stop the work on the 15th Dec and refund the payment so I can hire someone else to do it. The scammer gave lame excuses and does not agree to refund and claimed that by just delivering the source code which was one part out of the 3 tasks agreed, he has delivered the complete project. 4. Scammer contacts me on the 21st Dec telling me that its my mistake that I did not provide him the server details. 5. I sent him the server details on the 21st Dec and got an email from him saying it will be completed in 72 hours. 6. Today is the 29th Dec and nothing has been uploaded on the server and no work has been delivered. 7. I contacted the scammer and he claimed he had emailed the work whereas no work has been done to date. He started sending me the same files in separate folders claiming that he is delivering the work.

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