Simple RTO Review


Worst customer service experience ever!!! I called the day of my last payment and couldn’t get through. I called the following morning only to be told they were going to charge me 91.00 on top of my last payment. I was upset and irate only to have the yound lady tell me yea you called on the last day which set me off! Then she put me on hold for 5 minutes and didn’t get back to me I HD to tell her I had to go back to work she said she would have her supervisor call me I said fine. I get a call from Damian her supervisor which I feel had already made judgment on me from the beginning of the call because 3 minutes into the call he tells me that I was ruined his employees Friday that I was perceiving that she was being rude to me that he wasn’t going to play my games and telling me what he was not going to do to me based on the phone call that I had with the employee. It was All about his employee and not about the CUSTOMER at this point!!! He was berating me siding with his employee seemed as if he wanted to keep me on the line to lecture me on how I should react because my reaction is what got me nowhere!!!! What kind of company is this??!!!! I told him I would call back and speak to someone else he said your going to get the same response your not getting what you want..I did call back and speak to another supervisor but I’m sure he put thorough notes about not helping me because the end result was that they have a three day policy in which they have to charge you a 91.00 dollar fee all of which I told them I wasn’t even aware of their three day policy at all ever that’s why I was trying to argue my case anyway they don’t care how we feel even if you were unaware..I’m calling the furniture company I got my furniture from to tell them how SIMPLE RTO customer service is treating their customers and how they should consider someone else. I will also tell all my friends and family what a horrible experience I had.


  • Name: Simple RTO
  • Country: United States
  • State: Utah
  • City: Midvale
  • Address: 1225 Fort Union Blvd #300, , UT 84047, United States +1
  • Phone: 801-987-3230
  • Website:

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