ServiceQuest, LLC. Review


On the 6th of June 2018 Brian Mahoney invited me to his homw to make a purchase from me . | His good friend who is a customer of mine referred him to me .. | I contacted Brian via telephone and set up an appointment at his home in Scottsdale so he could get | to see our product first hand.. I normally don’t make house calls but he insisted and said he would pay me $50 even if | he didn’t make a purchase .. | I arrived at his home and attempted to show our product and his internet wasn’t working properly . | So i spent an hour of my time fixing it so i can show him my product .. | Finally the interent was ok and i began with the demo , he loved our product so much not only did make one purchase made two ! | He got so excited and called his daughter and after his phone call he handed me a check ..”MY FIRST MISTAKE” !! | I leave his residence and drive an hour home and recieve a phone call from Brian . | He had a question about the remote control so I helped him out .. End of conversation .. | Then another hour or two later he calls again and i could not take the call cause i was with another client.. | I call him back ASAP and then thats when the “NEW BRIAN MAHONEY ” shows up. | He tried to accuse me of over charging him for our product .. I ask “what makes you think that” | He says i did research on and found a cheaper price.. | I explain to Brian our product isn’t available on amazon .. took him to our website and reassured him that the price was correct . | In fact it what lower then our retail price he actually got a discount !!! | Brian then tells me well ” I CANCELLED THE CHECK ” !! in misbelief i asked why ? | He tried another excuse then insulted me and my gf who went to his house .. | He began to say nasty things that I don’t want post and try to belittle me by saying he more succesful then me .. | After his verbal abuse I i asked if he could return my items .. His response was he would think about that he wasn’t sure what he wa gong to do. | Knowing i can’t knock on his door due to the security gate and guard he hides behind .. | So to conclude this experience with Brian Mahoney : | I never got my product or any compensaton that he promised me | Beware if you plan on doing business with person or persons.. | According to his profile with ServiceQuest he’s suppose a great team member and be very succesful.. | My experience has shown me otherwise .. | Thanks Brian Mahoney for being that guy … | Good luck everyone !!!! | He suppose


  • Name: ServiceQuest, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Scottsdale
  • Address: 7643 East Krall St
  • Phone: 602-821-2936
  • Website:

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