Select Student Loan Review


On January 20, 2016, I received a call from a representative who stated that she was calling from Select Student Loan. The representative offered to help lower my monthly student loan payments to $100 per month. Initially, I was hesitant, but the representative assured me that SSL is a government entity of the U.S Department of Education. She also assured me that SSL is truthful and federally backed by President Obama’s education initiative. When I asked for further information the representative stated that the process is called consolidation and it’s very simple. To consolidate, I would need to provide my social security number to verify my identity and to pay a processing fee of $699. The representative stated that half of the fee was required to begin the process. I proceeded and gave my SSN, bank account and routing number; which was the information she requested. The representative mentioned that she would call me before the final payment that’s scheduled on February 19th. In the meantime, the representative stated that she would contact my current lender, Great Lakes, to start the consolidation payoff process. Lastly, the representative said that she would email the DOE disclosure documents for me to sign. Within 5 minutes, I received the disclosure document from DocuSign on behalf of SSL via email. I signed the document, and submitted it through DocuSign. On February 18, one day prior to the final payment, I received a phone call and follow-up email from SSL at [email protected] assuring me that the consolidation process was going well. I was also reassured that Great Lakes would receive their payoff. Information regarding the final payment for the processing fee was also noted in the email. The email stated that due to SSL accounting system, charges will show up on my statement , I received a call from Great Lakes. They alerted me that my account was past due. I informed the representative that they should have receive a payment from Select Student Loan due to the recent consolidation. Great Lakes mentioned that they have not receive a payment. I immediately called SSL at all known numbers (877-212-2118, 877-221-1299 and 866-848-4072), but to no avail. The numbers were false. I also emailed SSL at [email protected], but to no avail. I did not receive a response. One day later after speaking with Great Lakes, I called into the Department of Education to ask about the consolidation process and to inquire about my paperwork that SSL allegedly submitted. The representative from DOE stated that my information was never received. I was also informed that there shouldn’t be any processing fees associated with consolidation. Since February 2016, I’ve called and emailed SSL several times. All numbers were false and I have yet to receive a response.

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