Sears Holding Corporation Carlisle Pennsylvania Review


On December 18, 2016 I purchased a number of clothing articles from One of the items that I purchased was shipped to me damaged. Replacing the item was easy and required little effort. Unfortunately returning the damaged article that should’ve never been shipped to me in the first place was far from easy and caused me a great deal of unnecessary aggravation. Let’s not forget the unnecessary frustration in dealing with a dysfunctional customer service department. If this is how sears deals with their customers, I highly doubt this retailer will remain being a retailer much longer. Go bankrupt already Sears. You have definitely proven that you have no understanding of what the lifetime value of a customer is. As for being the retailer, Sears is a failure and a huge disappointment. Sears has wasted hours and hours of my time and has no understanding for the frustration and aggravation they have caused me directly. If Mary representative ID number 359282 is your idea of a service representative you have not a clue. As for being arrogant, there is no market for this Sear. All this for trying to attempt to return a $20 shirt. As per your instruction, I attempted to return the shirt to the location at a Kmart store in Carlisle Pennsylvania as I was instructed to do so. This was not my first attempt to return the damaged merchandise to you. On three separate occasions you said you were going to send me a return label. Well, that never happened. As for returning the damaged goods to where are you instructed me to return them to, well they didn’t have a clue, and, neither does sears. Sears has aggravated me far beyond the $20 shirt I left at the return counter at the Kmart in Carlisle. Kmart management had no idea how to process my return. Sears had frustrated me out of hours and hours of my time. I give up Sears. Your damaged shirt that you should have never sent in the first place has found a new home at Kmart.

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