Scott Curtis Redman Chicago Illinois


Complaint: Warning! Scott C Redman (aka Scott Curtis Redman, Scottie Redman, Scott C Redman, PhD) is NOT a psychologist or any other kind licensed psycholherapist. He has been ordered by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to cease and desist the unlicensed practice of psychology. See link below to the June 2014 Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation disciplinary reports. Just scroll down to psychology in the PDF from the state site to read the report of the state order. Mr. Redman has used fake license numbers and the license number of a real Illinois psychologist who resides in Delaware. He has been added to the Office of the Inspector General of The United States excluded provider list after earlier surrender of a counselor intern registration in Florida. In Florida, it was found that Mr. submitted phony educational credentials and “fraudulent”” school transcripts in applying for a counselor license. Here is the finding and the order from Florida state regulators: The finding of fraud reads as follows in Florida: “”SCOTT C. REDMAN

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Address: MHCI

Website: MHI

Phone: has attempted to obtain a license

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