SBACoro/Asley Marcus Mahanttan New York Review


I call the Company about selling my timeshare in Atlantic City N J..I spoke to a lady ( rip off person ) by the name Asley Marcus. Now i am not sure if this is her name .But she said that oh yes Mr williams i am sure we (I) can sell is ..I ask some ?????/ s and sent her (SBA Corp) the sum of 1,398.00.I spoke to her a few time and even saw the unit on line .But after that not a word about anything.Not evan to say thanks for the money (SUCKER)… Iam a hard working Man for 30 years on my job.I need my money back.If i can do a lawsut on the matter sign me up

111 N. Fredrick Ave Daytona Beach, Florida United States of America

386 275 4904

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