Sandy M. Bushberg, Ph.D. Review


This counselor was listed on my insurance website. I got his name from from thier list of providers. I paid him the $40 deductible for one appointment, and my insurance information. | Several months later I got a bill for $240 from him. He said the claim was denied by the insurance company. The insurance company representative told me that he was on their list, but that he had charged the visit to the wrong account – he has charged it to his personal account instead of the clinic account. | He is now sending me to collections for the $240. He has refused to rebill under the correct number and has harrassed me for about three months. He just wants more than the Clinic will give him for the appointment. (He has since been fired by that clinic.) | How do you challange a medical bill? There is noone to go to.


  • Name: Sandy M. Bushberg, Ph.D.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Oregon
  • City: Hood River
  • Address: 2230 Old Dalles Dr.
  • Phone: 541.380.0395
  • Website:

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