SandRidge Energy, Inc. Review


SandRidge Energy will leave fate of all shareholders in the hands of Honorable Judge David R. Jones. Chief United States Bankruptcy Judge – Southern District of Texas, to decide the fate of many loyal and hard working individual shareholders if they will lose everything they have and allow SandRidge to extinguish the shares. As a shareholder, I feel that the SandRidge Energy management and leadership simply gave up on their daily duties many months ago in working daily for the shareholders. Those who trusted in their leadership and believed in the company and its direction. As a investor who has placed trust in this company with my hard earned money I am simply appalled to find that based on the recent announcement of their Ch 11 filing, my investment in SandRidge and the shares I own will be worth nothing if they have their way in the ” pre- arranged” plan. | The interesting thing is, this company has disclosed to have over $7 billion in assets with around $ 4 billion in debt including significant cash from recent credit line drawn. How on earth could this be approved with oil showing recovery signs and leaving the shareholders with nothing? I feel management gave up many months ago on their daily duties to work diligently for all investors as they chose a pre arranged chapter 11 plan rather than informing and updating both preferred and common shareholders. This simply means our investment was not given daily focus and attention by management to operate the company.


  • Name: SandRidge Energy, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Oklahoma
  • City: Oklahoma
  • Address: 123 Robert S. Kerr Avenue
  • Phone: 405-429-5500
  • Website:

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