Sanderson Farms Review


Thanks for your response, which response misunderstood the reason for my contact to you. Please don”t do that again. I am telling you that what I saw at Winco Medford Oregon 1/2/16 a package of chicken drumsticks wherein the legs were badly bruised; an indication of animal abuse while they were alive? I did not buy it, I don”t want a refund, and my experience was okay. I didn”t need t be hospitalized for it. Nobody needs to apologize for my experience. I am a stable person who doesn”t go off my rocker because I see what appears to be animal abuse. I am just letting you know this may be an issue and to please look into it. And let me know you have and why you think this happened. Just a concerned consumer. Please don”t give me a robo response again. Thanks.

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