S.I.A.M Ravenna Company Review


I was apparently hired by Charlie Wachowski who is the Client Manager in New York for S.I.A.M. Ravenna Company based out of Italy who has an office in New York and one opening beginning of January in California. She will have you fill out a Google Doc Agreement and then will send you an Employment Verification Letter with the letterhead of S.I.A.M. Ravenna which is a legit company in Italy who does logistics. She will ask you to cash checks for your first client as you are acting as an Independent Contractor and you need to close a deal. Don’t believe her! They are looking for desperate individuals who are looking for jobs to apply and fall for it. I did speak to her on the phone several times so I really believed this was real, I am having a hard time at work so I didn’t even think of looking way deeper than I did.

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