Royal Holiday Club San Diego California Review


Here is what their website says:nThis is how your Membership works!If you cannot travel one year…You may transfer 100% of the total amount of Holiday Credits and save them for the following year. By then you will have double the amount of credits, good to use for a longer stay, booking a reservation during high season; traveling to the Resort of your choice, inviting family or friends, or for planning several trips that year. Take advantage of this benefit every other year. If you cannot travel 2 years in a roll, you may accumulate 20% of your Holiday Credits (from the previous year) and use them for a trip. Call your Holiday Advisor because this benefit is not automatic. nSo I call to transfer the 30,500 pts I did not use last year and am told that I had to do that before the end of the year! Really? It does not say that anywhere. I had the employee, Henry, go to the website and he just stated that it is in the rules and he could send them to me. No supervisor or manager was available to talk to.nThis cost me $760 in maintenance fees last year and I was unemployed, and of course, another $760 this month for 2012. nIn December I did an online chat with Diego and he told me about this benefit and never said I had to do this before the end of the year. He also said he would have the office email me the mailing address and statement for me to send my maintenance fee, and , of course, that never happened. nReality is, I have had this timeshare since the late 80’s or early 90’s, not really sure exactly. I have used it or given it away less than 10 times.nEach year the maintenance fee goes up…it started at less than $200. If there is a natural disaster in the area, you will be assessed another fee. New members pay substantially less per year. You are penalized for being a long time member and for having given them so much money over the years. nYou are sent to collections if you do not pay. The interest is compounded daily. I have had $350 maintenance fees cost me $1500. Not kidding. nIn 2001 a friend and I went to Cancun. An RHC employee named Jerry fed us free drink after free drink and gave us the spiel to change from weeks to points. The only reason I agreed (and I have a witness), is because he said my yearly maintenance fee would not increase ever. He even showed us this in the new upgrade contract. Well, once we got the contract home and was explaining it to friends, we saw that that particular page was missing. Talk about fraud! nOne year I got a check from a class action lawsuit resulting in their use of Concorde Servicing group for collections. Wonder why it was only that one year. nYou cannot get rid of this, you cannot get any resolution from the company, they are truly liars, cheats and frauds. They should be investigated seriously, shut down, and members should be reimbursed in a class action law suit. The wasted money is beyond sad.

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