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I was leasing a property through the agent Mark Ramus until I was the told that the owner wanted to serve me with the 30 Day Notice to vacate, which I received on January 2, 2015. Ultimately, this was because my daughters friend who pretended to be my daughter in order to gain access to the property. Although my daughter was at home with me at the time that this friend wrecklessly drove a car down the street and damage 2 houses, which they tried to say it was my fault and I ultimately moved. Appoximately 33 days later I call them on March 3, 2015 they said they would put it in the mail and I received the letter March 7, 2015. Unfortunately, I did not receive my deposit but instead a rather lenghty invoice from a company called Express Home Maintenance, which I tried to contact at the Magic Jack number provided but no answer. I also contacted Rowan Real Estate and they said they would get back to me in 48 hours. They did not get back to me so I mailed them a certified letter below: RE: Security Deposit (133 Crooked Putter Dr.) I am in receipt of your itemized written accounting and disposition of my security deposit that was received on 3-7-2015, which is not in the allowable 30 days. Nevertheless I am writing this letter as a dispute regarding my security deposit, which as I understand should be my initial response to your claim against my security deposit prior to submitting a complaint per the Nevada Real Estate Division. As you should be well aware the Nevada law permits a non-refundable deposit only for cleaning and this was not included in my lease agreement, therefore you are not entitled to claim it as a deduction. Furthermore, the charges that you have listed are a result of deferred maintenance or normal wear and tear on the property and not actual damages and canu2019t be charged to my security deposit legally, which is an unscrupulous practice and an attempt to keep my deposit and as such I have included an itemized explanation for your review. Also you listed a company they were responsible for the maintenance, which is called Express Home Maintenance that is not licensed to operate or registered at the address provided, which is listed to Robert and Debra Fonseca but I was not able to contact them for their explanation of the charges at the magic jack number that was provided. Finally this is an attempt to resolve this dispute I am expecting my deposit to be refunded with a deduction only for the invoice included which is for $150 for yard service as I was still a resident of the property and the difference of $1950 should be refunded. In closing it not my intention to escalate this matter further so I am hoping to receive an immediate response to my claim. Cordially yours Sheila Scott-Wallace cc: Rowan Real Estate Mark Ramus Bill Rowan Robyne Stone Conclusion: I recived a call on Saturday from a representative of their company who told me the owner needs to meet with me and that none of the work was done and what I received in the mail was just an estimate. Of course that is even more confusing… Nevertheless, I would not waste my time meeting with them because this to me seems like unfair business practices and I am sure that I am not the first. However, I have so far filed a complaint with the BBB, Nevada Division of Real Estate and the Attorney General. I would appreciate any suggestions from anyone who might have that has experienced a similar situation.

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