Route Consultant Review

R is a fraudulent brokerage scamming buyers and sellers all across the country. Route Consultant was founded by the Scam Artist Spencer Patton, His Scam Brokers include Butch Butler & Livo. Spencer started his career with Routes For sale LLC. He stole leads, clients, contracts, and money from Routes for sale LLC. | He is a thief & the lawsuit attached shows it. He admits to stealing the information from the company and paid $72, 000 to settle it. Route Consultant is illegally operating and selling Fedex Routes nationwide. They do not hold Real Estate Licenses in California or Florida yet they are selling routes in those states & illegally collecting fees. | Route Consultant has been sued for Fraud several times for misrepresentation of financials, inflating them and re creating them to commit get loans approved. Many buyers have failed in their 1st year because the numbers were not accurate. | Route Consultant is in the business to make money and it shows by their inflated asking prices for Fedex Routes. Their prices ad multiples are the most expensive in the country. They do this so they can make more & leave the buyer over paying for a business. | Route Consultant is doing business illegally and scamming contractors and buyers nationwide. If you are a Fedex Contractor you can and will be sued if you hire Route consultant.


  • Name: Route Consultant
  • Country: United States
  • State: Tennessee
  • City: Nashville
  • Address:
  • Phone: (615) 431-3714
  • Website:

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