Rooforia Home Exteriors Review


Rooforia tricked me into signing an online contract when I asked for a list of charges for roof work for storm damages. I called company & told them I wasn’t ready to start job & hadn’t intended on signing anything yet. Sarah Smith told me it was too late contract had been signed. Rooforia broke into my yard & tore my roof off without my permission. This is how they entered my yard each day. Work was left out from insurance claim. Insurance never approved this company to do work. I was overcharged & some fees are on bill up to 4 times plus charges for stuff not even done. A lot of stuff was damaged, company never fixed any of that including the 3 or 4 holes in bedroom ceiling from them. Company said I would get $500 off bill for a sign in yard, that was never deducted. Company also advertises a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that was never honored. Insurance company told me not to pay Roofoira any more money. | Next thing I know without any warning or demands for payment a lien was placed on my house & rooforia is threatening to foreclose on my house. | Roof and work was red tagged by city as they broke the law by not having propert permits & wouldn’t of gotten any permits if I hadn’t asked for a copy of them, which only 1 of 4 permits were pulled. Company has a lawyer that screams at my mother & I after he had said he wanted to work out a deal & we were trying to work on a deal. Lawyer called up to 3 times in a row one day then calls my mothers house threatening us both to sue us & foreclose on house. | Roof will have to be stripped and redone since work wasn’t done properly and permits were not pulled properly. | Workers were here ona work visa from Mexico and I had been told the company was local company. Barely anyone spoke English. Promises were made & broken by Rooforia which also said no money would be due until work was completed and I was 100% satisfied. 6 months later work is still not done & I have never been satisfied. I don’t want this company back on my property and don’t trust them at all. I had also fired company 2 times after I found beer cans & cigarette butts, nails all over my yard that I stepped on, and asked company twice to remove nails but I have a huge bag of nails they left all over the place. | Every review I leave online to warn others about this company, Rooforia lies to get review removed then has their lawyer & them threaten me to sue me for leaving an honest review of the work, the company and this nightmare that has dragged on for 6 months now. From October to Arpril. | Company also asked for money constantly and I was told no money would be paid until after work was done which work is still not complete or finished, yet slapped lien on my house for not paying them any more money, then lied to their lawyer saying no money at all had been paid when I have proof of 2 payments. | I have spent months now taking up all my time to figure this out & get some help with this scam. Which now will need to hire my own attorny at an additional cost of up to $15,000 to defend my case. | Company tries to say I am only one that has complained, yet I only see about 3 customers they have done work for leave a review and one she got the work done for free so what wold she complain about? | The way Rooforia treated me from day 1 is completely unprofessional & rude. The whole ordeal was beyond stressful and it is not over yet. When company broke into my yard to start the work without my knowledge or permision that was wrong to do plus how they are refusing to honor 100% satisfaction guarantee they advertise, the threats through the whole ordeal, the lien they place on my house when I was trying to give them a chance to rectify the issues and now the fact that roof may have to be stripped off and re-done on top of all the other damages they caused and don’t take resposibility for. | I do not recommend this company unless you want to go through all of the above and get your house taken away. Omaha has tons of other professional companies with way more experience, lots of honest reviews and local workers that live in Omaha that would do a better job and not put you through all of this. Company is saying I am making this up to avoid payments but I have insurance company, news guy, permit department, better bussiness , attorney general, lawyers all aware of the never ending issues and nightmares and most are telling me not to pay thema penny more. I made what I feel is an acceptable offer to try and resolve this , to save my house only from foreclosure from lien they placed on my house and company won’t even accept that which was about half the money for a roof that will need re-done possibly and all the damages and work will have to be done by another more professional company.


  • Name: Rooforia Home Exteriors
  • Country: United States
  • State: Nebraska
  • City: Omaha
  • Address: 2003 N 53rd St
  • Phone: 402-281-2891
  • Website:

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