ROOD Studios Review


If you are thinking of working for or hiring Katherine Elsasser and Alison Flood of ROOD Studios, be warned. They are the most disorganized and dishonest people I’ve ever worked for. | I worked a live event for them where some of us did not even recieve our contracts until long after the job was over. AGAIN: They employed some of us without any legally binding contracts or paperwork at the time of the event. | Alison and Katherine were late paying many of us, paid incorrect amounts, and were slow/silent in response to our emails until they needed documents for their own tax deadline. Then they became super responsive, accusatory, and dishonest. They tried to defend themselves by making up communications that never happened, and referring to conditions in their contract that did not exist. | After accidentally overpaying someone, Alison and Katherine refused to admit their mistake and ended up paying different amounts to employees hired for the same job and promised the same salary. Again, they lied to cover their mistake, saying different employees had worked special projects for them. A lie that was easily debunked when the employees talked amongst themselves and found they’d all done the exact same work, with no mention of “special projects.” | They were given receipts to be reimbursed which they lost in their disorganization, then claimed to have never had. | Even when all of this was brought to their attention, they would go as far as apologizing for our hurt feelings but not actually admit ROOD had made any mistakes or mishandled the process. | So, if you want to hire or work for people so disorganized that they’re constantly making mistakes, but are too dishonest and defensive to admit to any of them, and would rather flat out lie than admit them, ROOD Studios is for you. If you want to work really hard for event producers who take advantage of you then immediately treat you like gullible trash after the job is done, Katherine Elsasser and Alison Flood of ROOD Studios are for you!


  • Name: ROOD Studios
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: New York
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