ridesafely.com kansas city Missouri Review


this company pretends to represent insurance salvage auctions by having you bid thru them so they can charge deposits and fees . they close their deals before the real auction does and they do not disclose the real auction is still rolling and it knocks you out of the chance to win . they extort fees by requireing 10% of your best bid , to be able to bid at all . then they have auction fees even though they did not stage the auction or incurr overhead , nor salaries of workers . once they have dozens of bidder fees …you must requet your funds back or forget about them . when you do requst them back because you did not win the bid it can take 30 days to process the return . THEY HAVE NO AUTHORITY OR CONTROLL OF THE AUCTION OR IT’S CONTROL ! ED ELLIS

78 East Cabot Boulevard Langhorne, PA 19047 Pennsylvania United States

(215) 289-0300


Auction, Cash Advance, Corporate Fraud, Lying Dog Broker, No Service Rendered, Online Retailer

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