Ribbit Capital Review


These kinds of fund always balance between being a scam and a decent investment project. You never know that, you never believe them. Most of the similar companies ruined crypto funds reputation, so everybody is so careful now. Including me. Why did I say they balance? Well, on the one hand, you see their nice team, these men and women who probably really work there, the team is big, but you can’t see their bios. Theoretically, you can view their linkedin profiles if you eager to know who they are. But I’m not sure that it’s convenient. They could have written the same in their website, nothing bad would have happened. They have a big portfolio with clickable links. All of these things are surely good. But I don’t really understand how to contact them. Individually using linkedin? Really, there are no contact details provided. Nothing at all. So that’s weird. That’s why I’m giving them a low rating.

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